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Titan Lending's Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving can be overwhelming. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay organized and on track, even if you genuinely feel like this guy.

1. Purge:

Packing can often show you just how much junk you have and how much stuff you don’t use! If you haven’t touched it in a few years or even forgot you owned it, it’s probably time to donate or toss those things out! If you think some of your items still hold a good amount of value, hold a garage sale or post them for sale on Facebook Marketplace!

2. Start Early:

Nothing is worse than waiting until the last minute to pack. Moving has many working parts, and packing cannot be ignored, no matter how much you dread it. Try starting early and setting goals for yourself! Maybe your goal is one room packed per weekend or a certain number of boxes daily. This will help you avoid burnout and feeling so overwhelmed by the process.

3. Label:

Unpacking boxes and being unable to find the one thing you are looking for is one of the most frustrating feelings. Keep a detailed list of the items in each box labeled on the outside, and keep similar items together!

4. Pack the Kitchen Last:

Now, this doesn’t mean pack your ENTIRE kitchen on the very last day, but leave out a few plates and sets of silverware to ensure you don’t have to eat off paper plates or use plastic cutlery. Set aside a small box to pack these items on the last day, right before you leave.

5. Make Sure You Can Lift Your Boxes:

Many items are relatively light until multiple of them are all packed together (think books, records, paper items, etc.). A box full might be too much to carry and cause you to hurt yourself. Use smaller boxes and pack lighter to avoid this problem!

6. Save Money:

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Did you know many people post gently used moving boxes for free on Facebook? Oftentimes, all you have to do is pick them up! Check local neighborhood pages or Facebook Marketplace. Another option is to post an “ISO” ad. Chances are, someone knows someone who just moved or has boxes lying around! They may already be written on, but use a different colored marker or tape over the old writing to solve this issue.

7. Protecting Breakable Items:

If you don’t bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, chances are you have a pile of plastic or paper grocery bags in your house. Bubble wrap and moving/ wrapping paper are always great options, but if you want to save money, use some of your saved-up grocery bags! Using paper bags to wrap plates, glass, or other fragile items is a great way to avoid buying packing paper. Don’t want to buy bubble wrap? Use layers of plastic grocery bags as a buffer between items. You can also use these bags to fill empty pockets of space and prevent items from moving around inside boxes.

8. Mail Forwarding:

This is a commonly looked-over step! Don’t forget to set up your change of address with the post office! This way, if mail for you is sent to your old address, it will be sent to your new home.

9. The “Go” Bag:

Make sure you don’t pack the things you will immediately need. Have a bag with a spare change of clothes, chargers, toiletries, and any other items you want to keep on hand. After a long day of packing and traveling to a new location, the last thing you want to do is open up boxes in search of your essentials.

10. Food:

We know you must eat even though you are moving, but try not to make massive grocery hauls those last few weeks. If you plan on doing a pantry cleanout and aren’t taking any non-perishables, donate what you can to a local food bank! This helps you declutter and then restock, and it’s a win-win! Also, research a restaurant in your new location ahead of time! Whether it be delivery or sitting down, the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about when you arrive in your new location is where and what to eat. Save yourself the time and energy and choose ahead of time!

*Note: We recommend all Facebook Marketplace or any online sales exchanges be held in a public location for safety.


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