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Investment Loans

Titan Lending has funded over $750 million of loans like yours. Our flexible process enables you to fund your project quickly without the hassles of bank financing. As a direct private lender specializing in renovation and construction loans, you’ll be confident that you’ve found a strong partner to help you meet your real estate investment goals.

At Titan Lending, we are committed to making your mortgage experience seamless and simple. We offer a variety of loans to help you finance your future.



Qualifying Mortgages:


Purchase or Refinance

  • 15% Down​

FHA Purchase

or Refinance

  • 15% Down

Non-Qualifying Mortgages:

Bank Statement Loan purchase or refinance

  • 30% Down 

FIx and Flip Loan purchase or refinance

  • Fund up to 90% of purchase , 100% rehab costs, and 70% ARV

LLC Purchase or refinance 

  • 20% Down

DCSR LOan purchase or refinance

  • 20% Down 

Typical Borrower Qualifications:


You don’t need a perfect credit score to borrow from Titan Lending, but good credit is preferable. We’re more interested in the cause of negative marks than the actual FICO score itself. If your credit report shows any significant blemishes, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, liens, or judgments within the past 24 months – we may not be able to lend to you at this time.

Closing costs

We will fund 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab for your fix and flip loan. You’ll need funds for the 10% down payment, closing costs, and cash to start the construction. Generally, if you have $30,000 or more in cash reserves – we can approve you for a Titan Lending loan. Let’s talk now.


To get your Titan Lending loan – you do not need a contract. We urge you to get approved now so you can make offers with 100% confidence knowing that you have Titan Lending ready to fund the deal. Once approved, you’ll receive a free Proof of Funds every 60-days or when requested.


We are here to help.

At Titan Lending, we are dedicated to finding you the best possible solution to help finance your future. Let us help guide you by applying here.

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