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Titan Lending: The Ideal Partner

Why Work With Us?

Thanks to our specialized wholesale partnerships, we have a distinct advantage in helping your buyers discover the best loan to meet their needs while aiding you in expanding your business. Titan Lending has access to preferred products that big-name banks and retail lenders often can’t compete with.


According to HMDA data from 2021, borrowers who used a mortgage broker saved $9,407 compared to those using retail lenders. Our meticulously structured approach guarantees reliability, first-rate communication, and more control for everyone involved, resulting in an average submission to clear to close timeline of 10 days.​


Gain access to our 40+ products and hundreds of resources.


Titan Lending offers wholesale interest rates and pricing, some of the lowest in the industry.


Our underwriting turnaround time is 2-3x faster than the industry average.

The Titan Lending Advantage

Working alongside titan Lending means:

By working routinely with Titan Lending, your buyers benefit from lower closing costs, quicker processes, and a more pleasant mortgage experience. With our expertise, we will lead your buyers through each phase of the loan process, ensuring they reach the closing table promptly and efficiently.


We strive to eliminate anxiety and unpredictability during the transaction with excellent communication and up-to-date technology and expedite the process to the closing table. Titan Lending also table funds! No waiting to get your commission checks and your loan funds the same day. ​


Loans made easy

Through our user-friendly online app, buyers can submit their loan applications around the clock from any location. This app enables them to easily submit requested documents needed for their loan and follow the status. For most of our applications, initial approvals can materialize in as little as 15 minutes!


As an agent, you can access comprehensive loan information and conditions and track the loan status through our portal. This streamlined process ensures a quick and streamlined process for all parties involved. Our goal at Titan Lending is to provide a pleasant, efficient, and easy process from application to the closing table.


Our Process

From Submission To Close


File Import & Loan Setup

  • Upload Loan Application

  • Lock or float the loan depending on market conditions

  • Estimate Title Fees

  • Import Credit Report

  • Run AUS


Submit To Underwriting & Title Request

  • Proof of ID

  • Income and asset documentation

  • Purchase agreement

  • Property tax estimate

  • Insurance estimates

  • Initial CD

  • Title Requested

  • Order Appraisal


E-Sign Intent to Proceed

  • Once we have an executed contract, clients will receive their e-disclosures.

  • Once the e-sign is complete we order an appraisal and submit the file to underwriting.


Approved With Conditions

  • Initial approval from underwriters

  • Additional conditions will be reviewed and cleared with the requested docs


Clear to Close

  • Final cash to close.

  • Closing scheduled

  • Loan has passed all QM and compliance tests.

  • CD sent out, if not done at initial underwriting. 3 day waiting period will apply in this case.

  • Balance with title and final package generated for title.



  • We control the closing document process directly with the title company.

  • Wires are sent on the morning of closing. This streamlines the entire funding process.  

Don’t make your buyers settle.
Let Titan Lending make their dream home a reality!

Let's finance your client's future, together.

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