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Winterizing Your Pool Like a Pro!

With Temperatures beginning to drop, it's time to consider preparing your home for the winter. What many homeowners don’t know, is when is the right time to start closing down their pool. You should begin this process when the temperatures are consistently dipping to 65*F or lower. If you winterize your pool too soon, you risk an increase in algae, which thrives in warm temperatures.

Do a Pre-Winterization Clean

Anything that is left in the pool over the winterization period (including stains) will be much tougher to get out come time to Summerize. Be sure to avoid this issue by doing a deep clean before you winterize to ensure you are in the best shape for reopening your pool in the spring. Be sure to give your swimming pool one last scrub to get everything off the walls and pool floor and run the vacuum one last time if you have one! Use a skimming net to pick up any left-over debris and do a final emptying of the skimmer baskets.

Balance The Pool Water

It is always a good idea to keep algaecide, non-chlorine shock, and stain and scale on hand to put in your pool before the winter months. While closing your pool for the winter, make sure you have the correct:

  • pH (between 7.2 and 7.6),

  • Alkalinity (between 80 and 120 ppm),

  • Calcium hardness level (between 175 and 225 ppm).

When the water chemistry is balanced, it will stay clean and your equipment will last longer! To keep better chemical balance through the winter, plumb for the higher end of ranges. About a month before you begin using your pool again, check the water levels of your pool, adding more algaecide if needed.

Remove Drain Plug

Take out plugs from your pumps, pool heater, chlorinators, and pool filters. Make sure any and all pool equipment is unplugged, and all directional valves are open.

Clean The Pool Filter

Ensure the pool filter is cleaned out properly so you won’t have any issues with it in the spring. Or, if it is time to invest in a replacement, stop by your local pool store and pick up a replacement.

Cover Pool For Winter

Make sure to protect your pool from debris that tends to pile up in the winter as the leaves fall and winter storms hit. Use a pool cover!


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